Betsy Hughes

Betsy Hughes instructs the following:
  • Mat Pilates
  • Pilates mat work strengthens the core, improves posture, and increases flexibility for a total body workout. Exercises are performed with body weight alone; even without added equipment, the workout is challenging and provides great toning benefits.
    Occasionally props are used such as the Magic Circle, balls, blocks, or weights. This is an all levels class. Modifications and advancements will be given. Please let your instructor know if you have an injury or special condition. Create a stronger core and longer, leaner muscles after only a few classes!
    You are welcome to bring your own mat, however, for your convenience, we will provide you with all props and equipment for all Pilates classes.

  • Pilates Reformer Apparatus
  • Using Pilates Machines will lengthen and tone your body. The Pilates Reformer provides low impact resistance training with a combination of strengthening and stretching to bring mobility to the muscles, joints, and improve bone density. The prerequisite to take this class is a minimum of 2-3 Mat Pilates classes and approval by instructor. Socks or grippy socks recommended on the Pilates equipment

  • Pilates Tower Apparatus
  • Work your body like you never thought possible! Using the combination of these two apparatuses you will lengthen and strengthen muscles without adding bulk. This workout is designed to work those deepest abdominal muscles while dramatically sculpting your legs, butt, arms and back. You will leave this class having worked the entire body; feeling totally exhilarated!